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"...fostering a love of playing..."

Tom & Stacey, Parents

We have been very happy with Sal as a drum instructor for our son for these past few years. Sal is a technically skilled drummer and a wonderful teacher. He really stresses the techniques and skills while fostering a love of playing the drums in his students. Beyond teaching them to play, Sal also takes an interest in how their drum set is set up and how the way they play and practice can affect how much they enjoy playing now and into the future. We highly recommend Sal!!!!!

" goes to your team..."

Kate & Ed, Parents

Thank you, thank you NYSM for all your support in the making of this musician over the past 5+ years. NYSM and Dan were central to his success. Lessons, Band Camp and the NYSM community of support have been so much a part of his growth. Credit goes to your team for developing his skill and confidence, with care and enthusiasm. He is headed to his dream school, University of North Carolina Asheville (where the Moog synthesizer is revered) for BS in Music Technology with a scholarship to perform in Ensembles. We are so proud of him! 

Thank you for helping him reach for his dream. 

"...I would never have made it this far without you..."

Marco Salazar, NYSM Alum

Thank you, Tim and Rosie, Matt, and Dave for helping me find my path musically and encouraging me in so many ways: socially, professionally, and creatively. NYSM was my second home, a community that let me be myself, refine my skills, learn how to collaborate and create with my peers. Playing the Den, representing the school through the NYSM All-Star Band and the NYSM Jazz Band prepared me for playing gigs and working with professional musicians. I hope you know that many of us from NYSM are still in touch with each other and remember your efforts fondly. I also appreciated the encouragement from Dan and Sean in just simple conversations about how to transition to being a working musician. You provided us with wonderful opportunities to play. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me, Tim, when you invited me to play with you at the Den, or when you and Rosie encouraged Catie and me to perform at various functions. You all helped my confidence and helped me develop the work ethic that served me well at SUNY Orange and now at Berklee. Your letting me volunteer at the school helped me to slowly gain some work skills whether it was just cleaning or doing inventory or letting me assist with rock camp. I also wanted you to know how much I appreciated your advice and constructive criticism to help me be a better musician and a better person. I learned music is a conversation in which I needed not only to express myself appropriately but also to listen carefully. I learned how to build relationships while learning to be a serious musician. Your efforts were one of the main reasons I was accepted into the schools I applied to and was able to get scholarships (11 out of 12). I would not have been prepared without the 8 years of training I received at NYSM. I wish you well always and miss you now that I am at Berklee. It's hard work here but I would never have made it this far without you!

"...we are so proud of all of you..."

Bob & Barb, NYSM Supporters

Rosie, Tim and everybody at NYSM, Barb and I have had the pleasure of watching so many young musicians mature with your guidance. We are so proud of all of you.

"...look no further..."

Jan, Parent

If you are looking for a great music school for your self or your children then look no further. New York School Of Music is absolutely top-notch! Both of my boys look forward to going to their lessons week after week. Their teachers are extremely dedicated and very knowledgeable. My oldest son is currently enrolled in their rock camp and I cannot express to you how much he is enjoying his two weeks at New York School Of Music. He is learning and having a blast while in a safe environment.

" grateful we found this gem..."

Ursula, Parent

I can’t say enough about this school. My daughter has been going for years for violin and voice. Her growth in ability is only second to the confidence she has gained in herself. It has been wonderful. And, with the new owners, Rosie and Tim, it continues to improve and do well. I am so grateful we found this gem.

"...building ability and character..."

Jarrett, Parent

My daughter started taking lessons here about 3 months ago, they have helped her along the way and even had her on stage in The Den. What a great school for building ability and character!

"...such a positive influence on me..."

Sal, Student

NYSM has truly been such a positive influence on me and has provided me with so many great experiences as well as helped me meet so many superb musicians. 

"There is no way I will stop making music..."

Eli, Student

I am ever-grateful to the New York School of Music for everything they have done for me and exposed me to. There is no way I will ever stop making music at this point, whether it be with the guitar, bass, piano, my voice, and my personal favorite, the good old drum kit!

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