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Summer Sessions 2024

We have so many amazing opportunities for you this summer! We have a total of 10 programs, including rock bands, musical theatre, and so much more. Scroll down to see what we are offering, and click here to see our course catalog!

rock band 2023 photo.jpg

Rock Bands

Rock Bands, just like you know and love them! We’ve had so much interest in playing in bands, we’ve expanded how many we’re offering from previous years. Students are grouped by age and playing level. Always a blast, this class covers musical teamwork, stage presence, some basic arranging, and of course helps students refine their individual skills. Lifelong friends are made in our summer bands every year! Taught by James Lippert and Sal Santana.

Younger Teen Rock Band with James Lippert: 7/8-7/19, final performance 7/20 @ 3pm

Older Teen Rock Band with Sal Santana: 8/12-8/23, final performance 8/24 @ 12pm


Led Zeppelin Band

As one can expect from any good tribute band, this Led Zeppelin band is all about recreating an experience. We’d like to take our audience back in time, to the 70s, to experience a glimpse of the magic of being at a Zeppelin show. Comprising a setlist of favorites of all the participants, the goal for the program is to give the students a chance to play this iconic music while also engaging in deep, nuanced study of the material to give even die-hard fans a satisfying and exciting concert. Taught by Sal Santana.

2 weeks 10am-2pm

7/22-8/2, final performance 8/3 @ 12pm

jazz band image.jpg

Jazz Band

Explore the world of jazz with our Youth Jazz Ensemble. Led by experienced instructor Dan Silversmith, this course offers musicians ages 14-19 a chance to dive into jazz traditions, learn ensemble playing, improvisation, and music theory. From swing to fusion, students will groove together, build skills, and perform a final concert. Join us and unlock your jazz potential!

2 weeks 10am-2pm

7/22-8/2, final performance 8/3 @ 12pm

Production Class.jpg

Music Production

In this Music Production Course, we will produce a song using Logic Pro DAW from start to finish learning all the steps necessary to make a radio-worthy track. We will learn the best sample libraries to use, how to design synth sounds, record your live instruments and vocals, mix and master your track with the right plug-ins so your music is ready to be distributed online, submitted to music production libraries and much more. Taught by Jacob Friedman.

2 Days 12-4pm, 8/10 & 8/17

creative entrepreneurship.jpeg

Creative Entrepreneurship

You love playing music, and you think you might want to be involved in the industry. How do you get started?


This is a crash course on the process of exploring your opportunities in the creative industry. All artists, and most people in the creative industries, are essentially small business owners. In this class we learn some of the leading factors of business success, and how we can apply them to creating our own career plan.


This class isn’t just for people already committed to pursuing music performance as a profession! We encourage all students ages 13 and up to consider attending this class to foster personal growth as a professional! Taught by Rosie Rion Porco.

1 Day 12-4pm

13 (+) 7/14/24

musical theatre camp 2023 cast pic.jpg

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines singing, spoken dialogue, acting and dancing. So many of our favorite musicals have began from smaller classes just like this! This class will help you get comfortable performing in front of others, as well as learn brand new songs and acting numbers. Taught by Casie Snow-Hebel.

13 (+): 7/15-7/19, final performance 7/20 @ 7pm


12 (-): 7/22-7/26, final performance 7/27 @ 5pm

anatomy for singers pic_edited.jpg

Anatomy for Singers

Vocal health is a key component to getting your message across, be it through song or in speech. In this one day course you will learn some of the lesser known but vital parts of the anatomy specific to better singing. We will practice some advanced, though surprisingly simple, neurological techniques that will help to maximize and personalize a treatment plan custom designed for your body. The class is broken into very simple processes that will allow you to efficiently and effectively begin to understand the why behind the goofy exercises singers do! This helps with compliance and leads to better overall vocal results. Taught by Amy Cutter.

1 Week 10am-12pm


drum circle google pic.jpg

Drum Circle

In this hands-on musical experience, you will learn about rhythmic basics and their importance in all genres of music. Students will rotate between various percussion instruments such as djembes and shakers, and will be introduced to techniques used especially in Latin American music. We will play together as an ensemble along to classic songs and each student will have the opportunity to perform a solo on any instrument of their choice! If you have your own instrument you are welcome to bring that as well. Taught by Brendan White.

1 Day 12-3pm


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