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Summer Sessions

We are very sorry, but there will be no Summer programming in 2021. Keep an eye out for group programs during the schoolyear!

We appreciate your patience and business while we rebuild!

Summer Sessions is our opportunity to be adventurous! First we survey our students to keep an eye on current trends, then we customize summer programming that’s exactly what they want! Combining this approach with our mission to explore ALL aspects of the music industry culminates in unique, applicable, and exciting summer programming every year. Classes run in one or two-week intervals, culminating in a final concert generously hosted by our friends at The Falcon, in Marlboro, NY. Programming has included Rock Bands, Tribute Bands, Musical Theater Workshops, Songwriting Classes, Acoustic Workshops, Music Production Classes, and A Cappella Choirs.

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Our music production classes are a one-of-a-kind, hands on experience. You start with live sound equipment, learning how to put it together, how it works, and how to run sound at a live show. Then, you take what you learned in a live setting and translate that into recording equipment and studio basics. You'll use ProTools recording software and all of our pro gear, so you get to experience what it's really like to work with this equipment. This class is the perfect for NYSM students who are already playing and are interested in starting to record their own material.


Music Theory

This 6-week course, taught by our very own Dave Miele, is an introduction to how music works. The class starts from the very basics of musical notation and continues to chords, scales, transposition, the circle of fifths, and the beginnings of harmonies and roman numeral chord analysis. The concepts covered are fundamental to understanding how music is made in groups and why written music works the way it does.

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Creative Entrepreneurship

You love playing music, and you think you might want to be involved in the industry. How do you get started? This class is a crash course on the process of exploring your opportunities in the creative industry. All artists,  and most people in the creative industries, are essentially small business owners. In this class we learn what makes all businesses successful and ho we can apply that to creating our own plan for success.


Topics covered in the class are: branding, press kits and why they're important, the 3 Big Keys to Business Success, the 10 Commandments of Creative Professionalism, and how to write your financial equation.


Select Choir

This is a 12 week class offered during the school year. It is a select group of students who have either auditioned, or have received teacher recommendations in order to participate. The choir takes on more advanced A Cappella arrangements and rehearses weekly in preparation for a final concert held in “The Den.” Throughout the year, members of this choir are also invited to perform at community events such as Walden Harvest Fest, Montgomery's Old Fashioned Christmas, and Hudson Valley Renegades games.


Rock Band Class

During the school year, we periodically run 6-week Rock Band Classes. Students are grouped into bands by age and playing level. Then they're assigned a coach from our staff and they rehearse once per week for an hour and a half. At the end of the 6 weeks, they give a final concert in our upstairs performance space, The Den!