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Summer Sessions 2023

Summer Sessions is our opportunity to be adventurous! First we survey our students to keep an eye on current trends, then we customize summer programming that’s exactly what they want! Combining this approach with our mission to explore ALL aspects of the music industry culminates in unique, applicable, and exciting summer programming every year. Classes run in one or two-week intervals, culminating in a final concert generously hosted by our friends at The Falcon, in Marlboro, NY. Programming has included Rock Bands, Tribute Bands, Musical Theater Workshops, Songwriting Classes, Acoustic Workshops, Music Production Classes, and A Cappella Choirs. Please ask the front desk or call us for questions about dates, prices, and more!

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Rock Bands

Rock Bands, just like you know and love them! We’ve had so much interest in playing in bands, we’ve expanded how many we’re offering from previous years. Students are grouped by age and playing level. Always a blast, this class covers musical teamwork, stage presence, some basic arranging, and of course helps students refine their individual skills. Lifelong friends are made in our summer bands every year! Taught by Sal Santana, Faraz Ardalan, and Danny Silversmith.

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Guns N' Roses Band

Taught by Salvador Santana, drummer of the Hudson Valley’s very own Slash tribute band Tophat, the Guns N’ Roses summer band sessions will give students the experience of deeply learning and performing the iconic music of GnR. With his familiarity with GnR’s playing both in the studio and in various live performances, he’ll ensure the students put on a dynamic and exciting show! The band will even have actual audio from 90s GnR tours used to introduce them, when they hit the Den stage!



In songwriting, we will learn the elements used in hit songs so that you will have the ability to consistently write lyrical music. We will cover everything from choosing the best chord progression to developing hooks and crafting meaningful lyrics. In-class projects will help foster your creativity and give you experience collaborating with other musicians so that you can complete the class with new great songs to your name. Taught by Jacob Friedman.

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Musical Theatre

Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome to the Cabaret! A week-long musical theater intensive workshop where each performer will have a chance to perform a solo number, as well as shine in a group performance. Topped off with a Broadway style Cabaret at the end of the week! Taught by Jared Decker and Valentin Shauger.


Anatomy for Singers

Vocal health is a key component to getting your message across, be it through song or in speech. In this one day course you will learn some of the lesser known but vital parts of the anatomy specific to better singing. We will practice some advanced, though surprisingly simple, neurological techniques that will help to maximize and personalize a treatment plan custom designed for your body. The class is broken into very simple processes that will allow you to efficiently and effectively begin to understand the why behind the goofy exercises singers do! This helps with compliance and leads to better overall vocal results. Taught by Amy Cutter.

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Drum Circle

In this hands-on musical experience, you will learn about rhythmic basics and their importance in all genres of music. Students will rotate between various percussion instruments such as djembes and shakers, and will be introduced to techniques used especially in Latin American music. We will play together as an ensemble along to classic songs and each student will have the opportunity to perform a solo on any instrument of their choice! If you have your own instrument you are welcome to bring that as well. Taught by Brendan White.

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