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Winter Sessions 2024

Winter Sessions: the beginning of all the fun! We have multiple programs that show interest in various musical opportunities. If you or your child enjoys writing songs, performing in bands, or singing their hearts out in a musical, this is the time to shine! Give us a call or speak to someone at the front desk about signing up for these classes, along with prices. 

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Rock Bands

Rock Bands, just like you know and love them! We’ve had so much interest in playing in bands, we’ve expanded how many we’re offering from previous years. Students are grouped by age and playing level. Always a blast, this class covers musical teamwork, stage presence, some basic arranging, and of course helps students refine their individual skills. Lifelong friends are made in our summer bands every year! Taught by Sal Santana, Danny Silversmith, and Sinclair and Brendan White.

Older Teen Rock Band Taught by Sal: Fridays beginning 1/12/24 from 3:30-5pm

Older Teen Rock Band Taught by Danny: Mondays beginning 1/8/24 from 6:30-8pm

Younger Teen Rock Band Taught by Sinclair and Brendan: Fridays beginning 1/12/24 from 5-6:30pm

Final performance: Saturday, 2/17/24 at 1pm



In songwriting, we will learn the elements used in hit songs so that you will have the ability to consistently write lyrical music. We will cover everything from choosing the best chord progression to developing hooks and crafting meaningful lyrics. In-class projects will help foster your creativity and give you experience collaborating with other musicians so that you can complete the class with new great songs to your name. Taught by Jacob Friedman.

Fridays beginning 1/12/24 from 5-6:30pm

Final performance: Saturday, 2/17/24 at 5pm

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Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines singing, spoken dialogue, acting and dancing. So many of our favorite musicals have began from smaller classes just like this! This class will help you get comfortable performing in front of others, as well as learn brand new songs and acting numbers. Taught by Casie Snow-Hebel.

Tuesdays beginning 1/9/24 from 4-5:30pm

Final performance: Saturday, 2/24/24 at 5pm

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